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This is the Most Prevalent Obesogen in Your Life

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January 20, 2018
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March 12, 2018
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This is the Most Prevalent Obesogen in Your Life

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One of the biggest complaints that I hear in my office is that my patients cannot lose weight. Obesity and diabetes are the twin epidemics that continue to grow.


Unfortunately, diets no longer work!  Our body burden of chemicals has become so large that our critical hormonal processes that govern our thyroid (master metabolism switch) and metabolic pathways have gone haywire, causing us to gain weight and become diabetic despite our eating habits. Our body burden of chemicals is also the primary driver behind our chronic diseases.

Bisphenol A (BPA) may be the most potent low-level obesogen and diasbesogen in your body! That means it has the ability to  make you fat and diabetic at extremely low doses- the kind of doses that every single person is exposed to multiple times per day.

BPA is a rapidly cleared synthetic chemical found in plastics, canned goods, thermal receipts, water bottles and even in our fish. Although 93% of Americans have been shown to be contaminated with  BPA, most are completely in the dark about this insidious chemical and the harm it can induce.

BPA is an endocrine disruptor and suspected carcinogen with epigenetic effects, which can cause damage even at the low doses encountered in everyday life.  Its adverse effects include predisposition to breast and prostate cancer, type -2 diabetes, obesity, behavioral changes like  ADHD, allergy, asthma, and autoimmunity.

Because it has  short half-life, avoidance is the best strategy that we have to deal with BPA.  After all,  if you can avoid taking something into your body,  you will never have to detox it.


Best avoidance strategies:
  • Avoid all plastic food storage containers- use glass instead
  • Do not heat food in plastic containers
  • Avoid processed and take out food because the containers can have BPA in them (as well as other chemicals that can leach into the food)
  • Avoid all canned products
  • Avoid touching thermal receipts from grocery stores, banks, gas stations, post office, restaurants (see  my pro tip later in the article)
  • Avoid water and other drinks in plastic bottles
  • Avoid BPA-free labeled products (the substitutes have been found to be just as toxic or more so)
  • Use glass or stainless steel bottles for drinking water, coffee, tea


Thermal receipts are a huge source of BPA because the BPA very easily transfers from the paper onto our hands and then into our bodies.  When we have a purse full of receipts,we end up touching them over and over, and  they are also shedding BPA onto other materials they come into contact with in our purses or wallets.  This is why our MONEY has been found to be contaminated with BPA.
It’s everywhere!  And we come in contact with BPA all day long.


But does it work? Does avoidance of BPA work and help you lose weight?  One recent 3 week study in women looked at just that and found that urinary BPA levels declined significantly, along with weight, over a short, 3 week period by simply having the women avoid BPA.  This is a lifestyle change that will reap multiple benefits and help with stubborn weight loss.


My pro tip for the day is to put a plastic baggie in your purse or wallet, and put in it any thermal receipt you might need later (don’t even accept the receipts for grocery or restaurant purchases- when they ask if you want your receipt just say no).

Collect receipts in the baggie so that there is no opportunity for you to continually touch them every time you need to dig in your purse for something, and then they can’t contaminate other items in your purse either.


For even more info about BPA and its emerging concerns,  read my latest blog posted in the Natural Medicine Journal HERE!


I will be speaking on BPA and other every day toxic exposures at the premier Environmental Medicine conference coming up in April, along with the author of the women’s 3 week BPA avoidance study that I referenced above.


At the Environmental Medicine Bootcamp 101 I also spoke in depth about the evolving toxicokinetics of BPA, particularly in fetuses and pregnant moms, that completely changes the picture on what we know about BPA!  We are offering videos of  the Bootcamp, either the whole day or separate lectures:  VIDEOS HERE.   
The title of my lecture is:

Personal Care Products and Body Burden: What Practitioners Need to Know

To your vibrant health,
Dr. Anne Marie
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