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Pollution is Driving the Pandemic but You are in Charge of Your Health

The Smart Money is on Leveling Up Your Health
March 26, 2020
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Pollution is Driving the Pandemic but You are in Charge of Your Health

As we continue to grapple with the devastating medical and economic fallout of the Coronavirus, the medical literature continues to bring to our attention the role of environmental toxicants in this pandemic.


While many people feel helpless in the onslaught of mainstream media promoting the experimental gene therapy as the only solution to this problem, I feel this approach is appallingly short-sighted. Excellent therapeutic drugs and natural therapies such as Vitamin D have been shown to work in the prevention and treatment of Covid. However, this information has been nearly completely supressed and downplayed. Many of the doctors who have been clinically successful in these approaches have been heavily censored.


However, rather than therapeutics being the topic of today’s blog, we will be examining the immunotoxicity of certain common chemicals in our environment. COVID-19 and previous pandemics have been viewed almost exclusively as virology problems, with toxicology problems mostly being ignored. This perspective is not supported by the evolution of COVID-19, where the impact of real-life exposures to multiple toxic stressors degrading the immune system is followed by the SARS-CoV-2 virus exploiting the degraded immune system to trigger a chain of events ultimately leading to COVID-19.


This has been the main theme in my conference lectures during the last year – how environmental toxicants and our own body burden of chemicals has weakened our immune system, so that we are more vulnerable to contagion and less able to fight off sicknesses, which is the job of a healthy immune system.


This pandemic will change how people view health permanently. My hope is that this brings awareness to you of how YOU are in control of your health and how to bolster your own immune defenses against this virus, as well as future ones.


Recently MadeSafe, a certifying organization for non-toxic consumer products, featured my article in their blog post entitled:



In my article I discuss the revelation that the vast majority of people who died of Covid had one or more chronic diseases, which are largely fueled by environmental toxicants. In fact, recently the CDC found that 94% of people who died from Covid-19 had on average 2.6 other chronic diseases, and only 6% of the deaths were due to Sars- CoV-2 only. This points to something else I have written and spoken about extensively over the last ten years:


We have an epidemic of chronic disease. That’s the real pandemic!


My mission has always been to lift the veil on the real reasons people are sick and to educate people on how to get and stay well.


Body burden of chemicals is a key contributor to chronic disease, some would say the primary driver of chronic diseases. These pollutants have also been shown to be potent suppressors of the immune system.


This means there is an inverse correlation between toxins and immune function – meaning toxins dysregulate the immune system making it less vigilant against invaders and more likely to create negative immune reactions. Toxic load must be addressed in order to achieve optimal immune function.


Several articles have appeared recently, connecting the dots between environmental chemicals and Covid-19:


Clearly, a key component of a wellness program is a professionally guided tissue cleansing or detoxification program. This is not something that is being talked about in mainstream media, but the above articles that were published in peer-reviewed medical journals are very enlightening and demonstrate to us that certain scientists are looking at this very concept.


In order to help solve this problem of how to safely and effectively detoxify, I am offering offering two versions of my IAMFINE professionally guided and personalized detoxification program: a three month fast track version, and a 12 month version. Both versions include:
  • One-on-one consultations with me
  • A Frequency Specific Microcurrent device
  • Labs to assess body burden of chemicals and current exposures
  • An Epigenetic lab test to assess damage to DNA and epigenetic age
  • Personalized detoxification protocol
  • Medical food and supplements for a 28-day supervised detox
  • Guidance on how to detox your home
  • Guidance on how to do a beauty detox


So if you are tired of being tired, feeling vulnerable to Covid, or having long-haul symptoms from Covid, this is the time to get to the root cause and detoxify your body!


By registering for one of these detox programs, you will boost the overall function of your immune system and feel more energetic! With fewer of these nearly ubiquitous but damaging environmental toxins lodged in your tissues, you will be more prepared to fend off any disease, including those chronic lifestyle- influenced diseases that may creep up on us as we age- and have a stronger immune response to present and future viral, bacterial, or fungal infections.


Due to exclusive nature of these programs I can only accept 2 more clients at this time.


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