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Is THIS Healthcare’s 158 Billion Dollar Black Swan Event?

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March 12, 2018
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November 6, 2018
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Is THIS Healthcare’s 158 Billion Dollar Black Swan Event?

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”
Upton Sinclair

Last week I had the distinct honor of speaking again at the premier environmental medicine conference, the Environmental Health Symposium held in Scottsdale, Arizona.   This year the conference attracted not only naturopathic physicians whose training was steeped in this approach, but MDs and DOs from 3 continents who are finally realizing that they must learn environmental medicine if they are going to be able to help their  patients.

At the conference, I also had a book signing and completely sold out of my non-toxic anti-aging products, which demonstrates how eager the doctors are to implement Clean Beauty into their clinics.

The awareness of the exponential impact of environmental toxicants on human health is skyrocketing and can no longer be ignored if we are to make progress in addressing the rising chronic diseases of our time including cancer, autoimmune disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

In my lecture I describe this as a Black Swan event.  A Black Swan event  by definition is something that has low predictability,  high impact, coupled with the strange phenomenon that we act like it doesn’t exist.

In our country, 85,000 new, largely untested chemicals have been invented in the last 100 years and most have been carelessly used with abandon without regulation for years. These chemicals interact with each other in the body to produce unprecedented synergistic health effects, which may not be revealed when industry tests each chemical in isolation. Toxic concentrations of chemicals and associated chronic diseases in humans have reached record levels.  And yet we act like it’s business as usual, that there really is “better living through chemistry”, and that the status quo isn’t going to kill us.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 126 of the 250 most commonly tested-for chemicals were found in 100% of the people tested. We all carry this outrageous body burden of chemicals.

The President’s Cancer Panel Report for 2009,  produced under the auspices of the National Cancer Institute, contains a shocking indictment of how we view causes of cancer today.

In what had to be the biggest environmental news of the decade, the President’s Cancer Report clearly states that environmental carcinogens are responsible for causing some cancers.  The physician authors conclude in their report entitled: Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What We Can Do Now  that the true burden of environmentally induced cancer has been grossly underestimated.

The President’s Cancer Panel must be reviewing the same research that I have been studying for many years.  Many published studies have demonstrated the relationship of small doses of environmental toxins on a daily basis to negative health outcomes such as cancer.  In particular, there have been many articles published over the last few DECADES revealing higher rates of cancer to individuals exposed to certain pesticides, industrial chemicals, and common and ubiquitous air pollution.

Dr. Devra Davis, founder of the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh  published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1994 revealing that the boomer generation had twice the rates of cancer as their parents had, and these were  not related to smoking, but to other environmental toxins.  Today the cancer odds have escalated to 1 in every 2 men and 1 in every 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime making cancer the number one killer in our society.  So the question is: will the War on Cancer finally evolve to take on environmental causes? Will we finally develop a prevention mentality to cancer, one of the most psychologically, emotionally, physically devastating and financially ruinous of  maladies?

Please join me for my FREE live event on April 26th, 7:00 PM in Newport Beach on how detoxification can help prevent cancer: REGISTER HERE!

I have written before in my newsletter about the European approach to the use of chemicals, which is called the Precautionary Principle.  In Europe, a substance must be proven safe before using, implying a sense of social responsibility to protect the public from potential harm when scientific evidence has found a plausible risk. In a true “pinch me” moment, I read that the President’s Cancer Report then recommends the Precautionary Principle to be used in relation to environmental toxins instead of the current policy which allows chemicals to be used until their carcinogenicity had been proven, a daunting task.  One only has to look at the tobacco industry’s valiant 30-year lobbying effort that delayed tobacco’s classification as a cancer-causing agent to understand how powerful industry can be in fighting science.

The Importance of Clean Personal Care Products

Avoidance is the first rule of Environmental Medicine.  After all, if you avoid the substance in the first place, it cannot harm you, and there is no need to detoxify it later.

One of the most important areas in which to focus avoidance is the personal care product arena: your underarm deodorant, shampoos and conditioners, shower gels, body lotions, skin care products, makeup, perfumes, hairspray and other hair care products.  Once you are educated on how to choose cleaner products you can switch over to them and that becomes your new normal for products.  Choose wisely and vote with your wallet!

As part of my efforts to empower women to make better choices in personal care products I developed an online digital class called The Beauty Bluff which consists of 4 different modules that explain what the different ingredients on your product labels are, and how to determine which ingredients are potentially harmful. Knowledge is power and you don’t want to rely on others to tell you whether or not a product is clean or not.  Every woman is the  FDA  commissioner over their own home!
CLICK HERE to find out more about the Beauty Bluff.

Personal care products are the largest but most unrecognized class of avoidable exposures to toxic ingredients and their health dangers.  I formulated my  IAMFINE Pure Skin Collection to be free of:
  •      Parabens
  •      Ethoxylated ingredients (1,4-dioxane)
  •      Artificial colors or fragrances
  •      Phthalates
  •      Proplyene glycol
  •      Alcohols
  •      Mineral oils or other petroleum derived products
  •      Gluten
  •      Silicone
  •      Formaldehyde or nitrosamines
and subsequently will not add to your body burden. The formulations are specifically designed to address the environmental exposures and toxins, such as pollution, that prematurely age your skin. The contribution of air pollution to faster aging has the entire skin care industry scrambling for new products to combat this new skin threat.

You can be sure that every industry and trade group will work hard to defend and protect their own economic interests.  Whether or not that is in the interest of public health is an open question; what is not an open question is that this is certainly part of our public policy process.

In the meantime the President’s Cancer Panel Report recommends some steps everyone can take at home to reduce exposure to environmental toxins:
  • Take off shoes before coming into the home
  • Filter tap or well water
  • Store and carry water in stainless steel or glass to avoid BPA and plasticizers
  • Eat organic as much as possible; choose pesticide and herbicide free fruits and vegetables
  • Choose free range meat raised without exposure to antibiotics, growth hormones and toxic runoff from livestock feed lots
  • Reduce exposure from radiation from medical procedures such at CT scans
Numerous research studies, highlighted in previous newsletters have demonstrated that each of us already carries a significant body burden of chemicals.  While avoidance of toxins is a crucial step, clearing the toxins already stored in our bodies is necessary as well.  This entails a personalized detoxification and tissue cleansing protocol that takes into account your personal health history including an environmental health history, as well as your current health challenges and goals.

If you have health concerns and wish to explore a comprehensive detoxification program that includes the lab testing for heavy metals, chlorinated pesticides, PCBs, solvents, phthalates, and parabens, and 160 other chemicals, call my office at 949-891-1693 to schedule an appointment today.
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