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September 26, 2017
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October 28, 2017
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Do You Know What’s Really Scary?

It’s not the things that go bump in the night, the amount of sugar in the Halloween candy, or the ghosts and ghouls that take to the streets on Halloween night… It’s all the toxins in your personal care products.
Every day you slather chemicals on chemicals that seep into your pores and absorb into the body. Many of these toxins are in a family of chemical compounds called Endocrine Disruptors, which wreak havoc on your hormones and your health.
There is a reason why hormone imbalance and the resulting illnesses are on the rise. Some of these Endocrine Disruptors are also obesogens – they are making you fat   and diabesogens – they are contributing to diabetes.
If you are struggling with a chronic illness, they may be linked to toxins found in your beauty regime. For years, I have  helped thousands of patients regain their health. I have lectured and even taught other physicians on the role toxins play in the development of diseases like:
  • autoimmune disease
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • weight gain
  • diabetes
  • chronic fatigue
  • brain fog
  • and many more
Recently I attended business meetings on personal care products in New York City where one of the top trends in the field of dermatology and cosmetology was revealed as the anti-pollution trend.  This trend resulted as scientists recently concluded that air pollution is the second leading cause of premature skin ageing- right after UV light!
Since I am taking Clean Beauty to the next level, I had already seen the peer-reviewed research articles on air-pollution and skin and covered it thoroughly in my book: Cracking the Beauty Code: How to program your DNA for health, vitality, and younger-looking skin.  
After my meetings in New York City, one of the cities with the highest levels of air pollution,   I could’t wait to get back to my hotel room at night to use my Purifying Mask to deep cleanse and absorb the particulate matter and other environmental toxins from my skin, and then drench it with my Youth Serum, rich in anti-oxidants and polyphenols to repair the free radical damage.  I vowed to put these two Clean Beauty products on sale the minute I got home so that YOU can start protecting your largest and most exposed organ from a complex mixture of air borne pollutants. Remember, our skin is our largest and  most exposed organ and it is in continuous contact with an incredibly complex mixtures of environmental toxins from air pollution AND the personal care products that we use on our skin every day to maintain certain standards in our hygiene and beauty.
Use the code 2017 to get 20% off the Purifying Mask and the Youth Serum- through November 3, 2017.

Air pollution is included on my matrix for epigenetic influences on skin aging.  Do yourself a favor and use the Purifying Mask once a week to pull air pollutants out of your skin, and the Youth Serum every night to quench the free radicals that are aging you, while deeply nourishing and rejuvenating the skin.  Use the code 2017 to get 20% off! AND FREE SHIPPING in continental United States. Sorry I am not able to ship outside of the U.S. at this time.


Have a lovely week! And remember, YOU have been empowered to make Clean Beauty choices for you and your family!


Dr. Anne Marie Fine

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