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Are you interested in learning more about microcurrent treatments?
Are you a patient, a beginner or an experienced practitioner?

Hi I’m Doctor Anne Marie Fine and I have been using microcurrent in my
practice for the last 8 years. I am also the founder and C. E. O. of Fine
Natural Products, LLC a company dedicated to developing highly effective,
ultra-pure and organic skin care products that restore homeostasis and
produce healthy, beautiful and radiant skin. I will teaching a workshop on
using Microcurrent and other non-invasive therapies for facial rejuvenation.

Microcurrent has become a remarkable tool having an ability to treat a wide range of problems. This conference has something both for the beginner and the advanced practitioner. This is by far the most important conference you can attend if you are interested in Microcurrent. Please read why you should attend this conference!

The 5th Annual Microcurrent Case Conference Oct. 7, 8 and 9th, 2011 at the beautiful Carefree Resort in Arizona is something you don’t want to miss!

The Case Conference has something for the patient, beginner to the advanced practitioner. It brings together several microcurrent manufacturers so you get to see the latest in equipment. We have introductory training, our traditional case presentations where the best cases receive a cash prize, and new this year we have the Microcurrent Mastermind. This is a chance to have a round table discussion with the experts. Discuss you problem cases. Learn treatment tips from the experts!

Microcurrent works in 5 ways.
-Improves circulation.
-Stimulates cellular activity.
-Reduces inflammation
-Removes Scar tissue
– Neuro-protective effect

Some of the miraculous effects of Microcurrent.
-Microcurrent has a proven track record to heal tissues, muscles, bone and specific organs.
-Unparalleled ability to treat pain.
-Rejuvenation of skin, organs and the body.
-Resonance effect. Frequencies can be matched to the body to help healing and with emotional disharmony.

This year we will be having workshops on the treatment of pain, microcurrent in facial rejuvenation, microcurrent in the treatment of eye disease. We also will have another exciting line up of Case Presentations! These presentations have always been the highlight of the Conference. See first hand actual patients who have experienced the miracles of microcurrent.

A few of the Case presentations this year!
-Microcurrent to stimulate Stem Cells
-Instant Post Marathon Recovery
-Treatment for pain relief and post traumatic stress
-Successful Reduction of Ophthalmic Shingles
-Facial rejuvenation
-Treatment of eye diseases

-And much more…..!
Hear what others are saying about previous Microcurrent Case Conferences!

Thank you so much for an informative and very enlightening weekend! I’ve learned so much! Its nice to know and see 1st hand the great work that microcurrent is doing in the lives of people that we touch. I loved the techniques that were shown and found them to be easy to follow although Iam an acupuncturist. Thanks also to the staff for being wonderful and most hospitable. The conference was a joy! Renita Turner

This was a wonderful seminar. It was very enlightening to review microcurrent treatments and strategies and to learn how important the use of color in treating clients. I am continually amazed at the fabulous results in treatment and prevention that are being achieved through microcurrent/color in many if not all diagnoses. Thank you for sharing all of your information with me. Katie Goodwin, OTR

This conference has reinforced my deep conviction that microcurrent and light therapies need to get into the broader medical community. These therapies are the best hope of freeing humanity from our reliance upon pharmaceutical cover-ups of underlying causes of pain and illness. Roger Hill

Even after 25 years of microcurrent experience, I never cease to be amazed at how much more there is to learn. This gathering of like minds provides an endless source of inspiration, knowledge and professional camaraderie. It is truly an honor to be here. Dr. Teri Sherman, Phoenix, AZ.

Hi Dr. Kondrot, I have attended 3 microcurrent case conferences and enjoyed a variety of microcurent applications. There were always surprising and exciting topics each time. Thanks a lot for organizing this. Maggie Wayne

“I learned a lot in the conference and believe microcurrent will benefit my patents.” Dr. Galewaler

I’m having great results with the Inspirstar, using the probes and variations of Milly’s technique learned from Microcurrent Case Conference. Cindy PT

This conference is a unique on microcurrnent training, case study and workshop. I definite will recommend to other alternative medicine practitioners. Brad Daniels
Please join me for the 5th Annual Microcurrent Case Conference October 7, 8 and 9th, 2011! If you are not satisfied for any reason you will receive a complete refund of the registration Fee!

Register now and receive a special bonus! You will receive recordings of the 2010 Case Conference Winners! Videos of phenomenal presentations!

First Prize $500 Spinal Cord Injury
Dr. Lynda Hammer
2nd Prize $250 Microcurrent Treatment of Vietnam Veteran poisoned with agent orange
Dr Darren Starwynn
3rd Prize $100 Phantom Pain
Linda Southam, RN

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